Thursday, 6 April 2017

A strange, yet beautiful day

Today was always going to be a tough one but it started well, with a lie in, a sunny start and an enjoyable church meeting - one of those where the coffee and chatter often took over from business!  then it was on to the key event - the funeral of a lady called Barbara Oke.  She was 85 when she died, and had been ill for some time, but her death brought a large number of people together on a sunny weekday to pay their respects - a measure of how much she was loved.  I knew her through school - she had been a governor for 35 years and was often the first person to ring you and offer her words of support.  Barbara would challenge you, if she felt it necessary, but she would do it in a quite manner that brooked no argument!  The funeral was also a chance to meet up with a couple of ex colleagues and find out how retirement was treating them all.  Worryingly they, and a couple of others that I knew through work, remarked how well I looked - the question is how bad did I look when working?

On the way back home, through some lovely countryside which always looks well in the sun with the rapeseed filled fields, I popped into B & Q for a pole to hang the wallhanging behind the bed - hopefully that task will be done on  Saturday - before starting to complete my WI duties ahead of the meeting tonight.  so, raffle prizes and tickets have been sorted, a slimming world friendly cake made and plants wrapped for the birthday gifts.

With everything in hand I then took time out to do some of the jigsaw puzzle.  As you can see I am nearing completion - just some of those fiddly "joining" pieces to go.

Tonight, as I said, its the WI meeting - this time it's at the local farm shop where we are being shown how to make sausages by the butcher.  Should be interesting!

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