Sunday, 23 April 2017

Well - that was fast service - NOT!!

After my PC adventures yesterday, I really struggled with the lawn mower - to the extent that I went ahead and treated myself to a new one.  Imagine my surprise when I received an email saying that the mower would be delivered today!!  Less than 24 hours since I ordered it!!  Given that the delivery firm, DPD, don't deliver in this village on a  Sunday I was surprised but delighted at the quick service.  Cue a morning of waiting in!  Ah well, it was a chance to finish a Christmas present and to start cutting the bunting for my brothers wedding (they only want 100m of it !!).

Around noon, I had another lovely surprise - my PC was ready for collection!!  All my birthdays were coming at once!  However I should have known better.  Checking the DPD tracker revealed that my mower was back in Lincoln (around an hour away) by 12:57 because Sophie couldn't find my house.  Dare I suggest that Sophie had not actually tried.  No one else has a problem - if they did then they could ring!  There is no way that, in my opinion, the mower ever left the Lincoln depot - it certainly couldn't make it back from this village in 40mins as their tracking would suggest!

Rant over -I then set off to pick up the PC and took my old one in to be crushed and obliterated to keep the data safe.  The PC was plugged in and worked straight away -even finding my WIFI printer straight away -I couldn't believe it.  In fact I am writing this blog on the new PC. It will take time to get used to it - the last one was 10 years old after all and things have moved on - but it will be fun trying!!

Elsewhere I have taken advantage of the nice weather to paint a third coat (in places) in the she cave and will spend tonight measuring out 10m lengths of bias binding for the wedding bunting (I just know that you are all jealous now!).  Well, it stops me playing with my new toy now doesn't it?

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