Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Modern technology!

This morning, after an early alarm call from Daisy, I settled down to finish the Sunday workshop project.  Having quilted the background, I then added the points - and realised that I am four short.  Two I can cut from my own fabric but I have sent an SOS to Sewingbuddy and, hopefully, she will come through!  Mind you it's quite large - a huge cushion / wall hanging!!  I will make my mind up soon!

Then it was round to Jean's.  She was wanting to book some train tickets for herself and her husband but was getting a tad confused with the many different offers.  I talked her through them and then booked the tickets on the ipad.  I then came back home where Jeremy Vine was talking about the Amazon echo product - one that I am yet to see the point of I must admit.  they then ran a piece that had been recorded earlier about a retired couple trying out "Alexa" for the first time - hilarious!  I don't think that they will be buying one soon!

After a lunch of homemade pea and mint soup, it was time for some general housework before heading off up to the beach.  Boy has the weather changed - I don't know about you but it's been freezing here although it has brightened up this afternoon!

Tonight I am tackling the penultimate row of hexagons (this sure is a labour of love!) and will do my best to cut out the pieces for a lunch bag (Sewingbuddy is coming over here on Saturday for a sewing session!)

Dietingwise all is well again - beans on toast with an egg for breakfast, the afore mentioned soup for lunch and shepherds pie with veg for dinner - with a few planned snacks along the way!  My favourite are the 15g Green and Black chocolate bars - 4 syns (sometimes 3 1/2) for a very "naughty" treat!!

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