Friday, 7 April 2017

Help - I'm having a "mare" of a day!

Today was a bag sewing workshop in Lincoln with Sewingbuddy - and it started really well.  Lovely sunshine, a nice cuppa stop at Tesco's and the shop open when we arrived really early so that we could get ourselves sorted.  I really should have stopped there - the rest of the morning went downhill rapidly!  A lot of the bag required homemade bias binding being sewn and I was eager to try Sewingbuddy's new machine foot - and promptly made a pigs ear or it.  I tried, I really did - getting grumpier by the minute and being too proud to accept help from Sewingbuddy - even when she offered to sew it for me!

Consequently, by lunchtime, I was far behind, having undone much of my work and ended the day with the outside pieces of a bag. 

Sewing buddy had done her outside and was starting on the outside,

whilst another participant was at the same stage.

I guess I know what I am doing in the next few days then!

Food wise I have been angelic - fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast, 2 slimming world bars during the day and a SW Caesar salad for lunch with a piece of SW Weetabix cake for afters.  Dinner is spaghetti Bolognese followed by a yoghurt.  I also have a tiny (15g) bar of Green and Black's chocolate to nibble on tonight as a treat - I REALLY need it!

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