Saturday, 8 April 2017

What to do on this sunny day?

With nothing planned or in the diary, the world is my oyster.  With so many choices ahead of me, what did I do first?  Why, finish the bag from yesterday of course!  The bag isn't perfect, by any means, and I have certainly learnt what not to do next time, but the finished bag doesn't look too bad!

Once that was done (and, by now, it was approaching mid day!) it was time to hoover around (needed to unblock the hoover first from all those threads!) before taking advantage of this lovely weather and walk the dogs, nip around to church to pay the gardener and pop to the butchers to buy some pre-ordered skinny sausages (we ordered them Thursday night at WI).

After an all day breakfast for lunch (SW version of course), I then ventured out into the jungle and started some weeding.  I have a side border where, before too long, the gooseberries and raspberries will take over and I need to get rid of these stinging nettles and weeds.  Sadly I also had a bright idea many years ago of putting a weedmat down - this has now disintegrated and weeds come through, but getting the weed mat up is harder that you think!


As you might imagine, Daisy and Millie gave a helping hand - now liking the warm soil and shade of the plants - never mind the mess on their fur!

Whilst I discovered the new buds on the gooseberry bush and the blossom on the plum tree - all is well with my world!

Anyway the deed is now done and I will give it a few days for the worms to do their job before raking it over again.  Meanwhile there are a few more weeds that need my attention.  Mind you - I really must check the gardening gloves next time - these had holes at the end of the fingers and my finger pads are now stung - ouch!

Tomorrow is another sewing workshop - the last one booked for this month - and so the bag needed to be packed before settling down for the evening and, erm, double erm, more hexagons (I am over half way now - just!  Don't get me wrong, I love EPP - but I will be glad when this particular part of the bag is finished!

Dietingwise all is well in my world.  I had fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast, the all day breakfast for lunch and will have poached salmon, new potatoes and veg for dinner - with a slice of Weetabix cake for afters.  There's even enough room for a small (we are talking tiny at 15g in weight) bar of Green and Black's chocolate tonight - mmmm.  I am desperate to know how its going but have purposefully left the scales in the car so that I cant weigh myself - its doing my head in but all will be revealed on Monday!!

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  1. I really like your bag are you able to tell me the name of the pattern please?
    Thank you