Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The humanity of life

Today was an errand day - groceries and WI raffle prizes / birthday gifts - so it was an "up and at them" day.  Trust me to wake up before Daisy woke me!!  First stop was for some soil - it will soon be good Friday and time to plant the potatoes - and some lovely plants for the WI birthday gifts.  A nice young man loaded the car for me.

Next up was the grocery shopping.  I had a £10 off a £70 spend but didn't expect to reach that target - um, well, I didn't - it was £69 something.  I asked the lady behind me if I could buy one of her items for her - and she agreed - it was worth the £1.15 to save the £10.  However she then gave me the cash and we had a good laugh about the situation.

Then it was onto Boyes to buy a couple of zips and some cotton for the workshop on Friday.  As I went into the shop I was behind an elderly lady who was walking slowly and was bent over.  A young man greeted her as a long lost friend and she visibly stood straighter - her laugh was infectious. 

In short, what with Sewingbuddy tracking down some sugar free jelly for me (Tesco had empty shelves) and a lovely chat with a fellow dog walker, I seem to have been surrounded by lovely people today whose kind and pleasant nature has left an imprint.

Dietwise, things are still on track.  Breakfast was Eggy Bread with berries and half fat crème fraiche, lunch was Pea and ham soup - home made of course - and dinner is Shepherds Pie with Carrots and Broccoli.  For pudding I discovered a Muller Light yoghurt in my favourite flavour - Blackcurrant and Liquorice - so I am trying that tonight.

Craftwise - it's those darn hexagons again.  It would appear, on facebook, that I am not the only one to not finish this bag.  There are a small number racing to finish it before the next workshop in August - I am in good company!

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  1. How lovely to meet so many lovely people all in one day :) Hope the yogurt was ok....Hubby tried that flavour in ice cream and it was foul!