Thursday, 27 April 2017

I only came to have a chat! What on earth have I got myself into now?

Today was one of our frequent catch up meetings at Meadowhall -Trisha, Julia and I spent a couple of hours or so in the M&S cafe -drinking coffee and then having lunch (I took my SW Caesar salad in and nobody said anything).  Trisha informed us of a slight career change, Julia caught us up on family details -particularly cute photos of her grandaughter -and I caught them both up on my parent's move -we now have a possible date of 1st June so it's creeping ever closer!  Julia then brought up the issue of our annual holiday and asked if we had thought about where we wanted to go?  A chat later, we found ourselves making enquiries about another cruse!  We haven't booked it yet but it does look like a good one and at a very acceptable price.  I will keep you updated - dates and family commitments have to be checked first before rushing ahead.

Whilst I was in M & S, I took the opportunity to purchase some treats that are also SW friendly- a diet shouldn't feel like a diet now should it?  These mini meringues looked really tempting (7 syns for the whole pack of lemon ones and 7 1/2 for the coconut ones),

the Percy Pig sweets are 1.5 syns each,

whilst the Percy Pig biscuits are 1syns each.

Finally, the mini jaffa cakes are 1 syn each.  I have some small containers which I fill with 4 / 4.5 syns each so that they are all pre-measured and easily counted!

Tonight I am out at a WI craft night learning how to crochet granny squares.  mmmmm -now which treat should I take to ensure that I do not get side tracked by Carine's carrot cake?  It's a difficult choice!

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