Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Playing dodgems in the swimming pool

So, today was the start of the new SW regime.  Referring to the plan that I created yesterday revealed that breakfast was wholemeal toast with baked beans and fried eggs on top (Fried = frylight not loads of oil!).  Not too shabby for a diet I feel!  Fortified I then set to cutting and sorting out fabric for a workshop with Sewingbuddy on Friday.  It sure took some thinking about - and I am now a master of making continuous bias binding (not a skill that many people would need to put on a CV me thinks!).  That job done, I then set about making a project back to store the pieces in.  Let's just say that this is a prototype - I could point out the faults but I haven't got enough time!!!!!  It does the job though - so that's a good starting point.

By now it was time to try my luck at the pool.  Many schools have broken up, with the rest breaking up on Friday.  When I arrived, it looked okay but, by the time I got changed and went into the pool, it was chaos - why do grown ups feel the need to tread water in the middle and just chat - for AGES!  Anyway I persevered and did my 50 widths - but it wasn't fun at all.  I think that we are just plain spoiled when the kids are at school!

Back home, lunch was a lovely sw friendly Caesar Salad (my new favourite lunch) and a hi fi bar before heading out to mow the lawn - I was joking earlier with Sewingbuddy that I had lost Daisy in the grass - but its not far from the truth.  After a walk with the dogs it was time to bed down for the night and sew more hexagons - I sure know how to live but this UFO will not defeat me!!  I have sewn 58/195 so far and tonight another 14 will be added to the grand total.

Dinner tonight will be a sw version of French Style Country Chicken - well, I am using turkey instead of chicken and half fat Crème Fraiche - with mashed potatoes, carrots and lettuce.  I am not sure about pudding, since I am not shopping until tomorrow, but it will probably be another sw bar - the dark mint one tastes like an after eight mint mmmm.

By the way - forgot to say - I passed the 200 mile mark today - 1/5 of the way to the 1000 miles in a year challenge - slightly behind schedule but YAY!


  1. A good start, keep it up :)
    Not sure I could stomach that breakfast though, cant do beans and egg together!

  2. Lol, glad you mastered the continuous binding, i found it quite satisfying when I managed it.
    Well done with the dieting - keep it up .