Friday, 14 April 2017

Precious Cargo

My parents are spending a few days over Easter with one of my brothers.  Since his puppy is becoming too noisy when other dogs are around, I met my parents in Nottingham's IKEA today to take their dog for a few days.  You will also be aware that my parents are moving in (hopefully) 6 weeks or so and so mum had brought up some precious items that she didn't want to trust to the removal men.  It made me think - what would your precious cargo be?

Would it be your great granddads pocket watches or the tobacco jar that your great grandmother made?

Would it be the chipped but still intact soap model in its original boots bag that Dad gave to Mum many many years ago?

Would it be the Devonshire primrose that Mum has tended over the years or the poppy cushion that I made her several years ago?

All I know is that the two items Mum has checked the survival of, by text, is their dog and the primrose.  I know my place!!


  1. My sewing machines! Of course.
    What a lovely cushion.

    1. cheers - I will leave it out so that you can inspect it tomorrow - along with the wall hanging that she sent up!

  2. Will bring my magnifying glass lol!