Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Simply overwhelmed

Today, being a Tuesday, Jean and I decided to go to the senior screen.  they were showing, amongst others, a film called "A Monster Calls".  Aimed at a 12A audience it featured how a 12 year old boy would deal with bullying at school, his father choosing his new family over him and his mother dying over a period of time.  The "monster" in the title visits him and helps him with some coping strategies.  In short I was in bits - the sort of crying where, although you are not sobbing, the back of your throat hurts!  Ouch!  Well worth seeing though - its a lovely film and really well acted by the 12 year old!

After popping into Tesco's for a couple of essentials, and coming out with two bags full, it was back home for a late lunch before walking the dogs in this unexpectedly lovely weather.  Whilst I was out the nice postman brought me the first block in this year's Lynette Anderson Button of the month club.  Ouch - I still need to finish last year's mystery pattern! 

In short I am both overwhelmed by the film and by the quantity of projects awaiting my attention!  Never mind, step by step!

The last task for the day involved a secret project that Sewingbuddy and I are working on (hopefully to be revealed next month) plus some further work on Sunday's workshop project - I needed to get these outside points folded before I forgot how to do them.

On the hexagon front, I must report a minor catastrophe.  It's hardly surprising but, after nearly a year, I seem to have lost misplaced 2 1/2 rows of hexagons and have now sewed all of the others (the white that you can see in the picture is a piece of A4 paper - just to illustrate how small the hexagons are and why it is taking me so long!).  If they don't turn up in the obvious places then, fortunately, I bought another pack last year and so can break into those.

Dietingwise everything is on plan - overnight oats for breakfast, two custard creams at the pictures, salmon for lunch and Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner.  I even have enough syns left for a banana with sugar free jelly and yoghurt for afters - mmm.  I know how to live!

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