Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Take five phones - please!

Today was allocated as a day to help Mum and Dad unpack endless boxes - made all the better by taking the pooches with me.  So, after an early morning sewing session (things started to go wrong after yesterday's post!!) off we went.  Over coffee, the jobs started to stack up - starting with trying to solve their phone dilemma. They had a phone line, allegedly, and had bought new phones on Monday, yet nothing worked.  I think that its fair to say that Dad was at the point of throwing them out of the window!  Having been forewarned about this particular problem, I took my phone with me and plugged it in - nothing!  Then i took the front plate off which, I had learnt last year, has a test socket hidden inside.  Upon plugging the phone in everything started to work.  Brilliant - we had a line.  Yet, when we plugged their new phones in there was no signal and i could ring them but the phone didn't make a ringing noise. After a number of different combinations and endless reading of the user guide, I rang the BT hotline - who declared the phones to be not working, gave me a reference number and told me to return them to get the money back - cue a visit to Tesco's!  Long story sort, I have left them with my spare phone and their two old ones - every should be okay now!

Next up was Bedroom 2 - you could hardly get into the bedroom for all the boxes and bags.  After some judicious tidying away, not to mention filling a bag with enough surplus towels to supply a small army, it was then out to the car and round to their local recycling centre where a charity bin requested sheets and towels -amongst other items.

Then it was a quick phone call to the washing machine supplier - mum had lost the receipt and needed it for the 10 year warranty - could they email a replacement?  No sooner said than it was done!

Of curse the dogs had had a great day - playing and running around in the garden (Daisy chasing Maisie around the gazebo was a sight to behold) - with Daisy finding a hole in the fence to escape into the next door garden - not once, not twice but three times.  Fortunately (Did I really say that?) she came back each time and the hole is now blocked!

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  1. Surprised Milly didn't find the hole! As to the phones....nightmare!