Sunday, 11 June 2017

Maisie comes home!

I suppose that we probably didn't actually need to go to the new house today - we could have simply gone early tomorrow morning.  However we had decided that Maisie (Mum and Dad's dog) should see the new house and that we would take my two pooches.  So, after another early start (I think that Daisy is waking up when someone uses the upstairs toilet so am hoping that we can soon get back to normal), and two shepherds pies made to see us over the next few days, we all set off.

I think that it is safe to say that the dogs loved it - they romped around the garden as we enjoyed a cuppa - chasing each other and a ball that we found.  Once they had tired themselves out, and Maisie was lying contentedly on the patio, I think that Dad felt happy that Maisie had given it her seal of approval.

Whilst Mum set to tidying up the kitchen, I finished cleaning all the upstairs carpets and Dad rehung the curtains that we had taken down, the dogs settled down.  They enjoyed the freedom of wandering in and out (Mum's previous house had a garden but it wasn't attached to the house so this is a novelty for Maisie) but soon settled in the Kitchen "overspill" room.  Dad had bought Maisie a new bed for the new house and they took turns claiming it as their own - well Maisie and Daisy did - Millie just gave up and slept on the floor.

After a late lunch (all of this eating out means that I am planning more than ever with an eye on my weight loss but I am not holding out much hope for tomorrow!), it was onto last minute cleaning and the last carpet to be cleaned - ready to take the machine back tomorrow (I can't tell you how much sand and dog hairs have come out of the apparently clean carpet) -before coming home for a much needed nap (Mum and Dad with Maisie in the lounge and me in the conservatory with my two).  I just have the kitchen curtains to iron (I took them down for washing) so that we can rehang them tomorrow.  The furniture vans arrive tomorrow lunchtime and, with the Slimming World groups as well, I am not sure whether I will be able to post a blog tomorrow - so I am apologising now!


  1. Glad the pooches are settling in, cant wait to see pics of it with the furniture in...then come and see it for ourselves!