Tuesday, 13 June 2017

We are in!

Yesterday was non stop - well, sort of!  We arrived at the new house mid morning - with Wendy, a good friend of mine, in tow.  She had offered to be chief cook and bottle washer and, with the furniture arriving at midday we had time for a cuppa and a quick tidy round(!!)  Sadly the furniture didn't arrive until nearer 2pm so there was a fair bit of sitting around!

Meanwhile I had to nip through to SW.  I had had a week of being good - and then gained a pound!!  On the plus side I won the raffle which consisted of potatoes, a jar of curry sauce (which I gave away) and two china pots for my chips - elevates them to restaurant style!

When I returned my sister in law had also arrived and the home was taking shape - we made sure that the armchairs were in place and the tv working before I nipped home and picked up the dogs only to return to a nice supper of sausages and mash!  By the time I left at 8pm, they were both ensconced and the bed had been made so that they could get an early night!

This morning saw the arrival of the second van full of furniture (I am really not sure where everything will fit!)  I had stayed here to attend a WI meeting but took Maisie up to her home after lunch and worked to get Dad's computer up and running before embarking on box emptying!  Mum had already done 7 this morning but we managed to move some furniture around and unpack another couple - this time of glasses and china!

I was asked to post pictures of house with furniture so here goes - but be warned - it's not pretty!

The dining kitchen is rather overflowing but the table is in situ.  Mind you this lovely tub of flowers arrived this morning from my cousin - its in full view of the french windows!

This area has to be the current favourite - we even sat out in the rain this afternoon, they like it so much.

This is now called "Maisie's Room" and is a sort of Kitchen annexe - this is where we spent the afternoon filling the dresser.

Whereas the lounge is more of an assault course at the moment - you can just about see the old bureau that my grandfather made many years ago - its nice that its given some prominence rather than being tucked away.

Meanwhile the dining room is just a dumping ground - at the moment of course.

Considering they only finished moving in this lunchtime, I think that they are doing remarkably well and its lovely to see them enjoying the house already.  By this weekend they would like to get fairly straight downstairs - I daren't show you upstairs just yet!


  1. Looking good, bet your all be glad when it's finished.
    I can see all the really useful plastic boxes were useful!

    1. they sure will - but we are all drooping somewhat!

  2. Looking good for day two! Will take a while to get everything in its right place, sometimes things get moved around a few times until they look right.