Thursday, 22 June 2017

A new seat belt - on order!

Let's start with the good news - Daisy slept through last night.  Or, rather, I didn't hear her whining until I got up around 7:45 am -what a result!  She then proceeded to turn on her "aren't I beautiful" look as she went straight back to sleep as I had breakfast!


A couple of weeks ago, I took the dog guard out of my car so that we could take some tall step ladders up to Mum and Dad's new house.  BAD IDEA!!  Several days ago, Dad sat in the back of the car and noticed a rather dog eared seat belt - Daisy had clearly been attacking it - the dog guard had kept it away from her before!  So, the first job today was to visit my friendly garage and arrange for a new one to be bought (I'm picking it up tomorrow) and then fitted - next Tuesday.  It's a good job that no one has been sitting there!  The garage suggested that I bought a muzzle as well!

After that excitement, it was on to Lidl (which has just been rebuilt) to buy some of this week's special offers for Mum, before coming home and walking the dogs - dodging the shot outbursts of rain that have come our way today and are much needed.

This afternoon was really indulgent -working on that birthday gift (the end is in sight now) - whilst nipping out to the garden to pick a bowlful of raspberries for tea - mmmm.

Tonight I plan to start knitting some yellow hearts - the WI near Grenfell Towers has asked for knitted / crochet hearts to be sent down to them so that they can surprise the local residents (yellow being the symbol colour for missing people).  I thought that I would do my bit.  Although I would normally do a link at this point, it occurred tome that you may not be able to see the request if you are not a member of the WI page - so please forgive me for pasting the whole message below.  If you can help in any way then please contact the organiser for an address to send them to.  Alternatively I do have it so please contact me if you are able to.

Many thanks

"Solidarity with Grenfell Tower Through Yellow Ribbons and Hearts
Thank you to all members of the UFWI page for their ongoing interest in the on-the-ground relief efforts for those affected by the tragic events at Grenfell Tower.
Many of you have contacted us to ask what you can do to show your support in these early days - especially when the call for donations of provisions has now ceased due to overwhelming response. Our time will come when we will be able to apply more practical support and we will pass on instruction accordingly, but until then…
As long-time residents of the area surrounding Grenfell Tower, we write to you as an appeal to direct as much light and love to our neighborhood in its time of need. At a peaceful protest yesterday we walked alongside victims of the terrible fire and representatives of every community to launch the Justice 4 Grenfell campaign. It was here that we were inspired to engage with you, fellow members of the WI, to show these very people your love and support through this dark time.
The yellow ribbon is internationally recognised as a symbol of the missing and many people in and around the Grenfell site have adopted this to represent those that they have lost in the fire. Local residents have started to tie ribbons around trees and fence posts to remember those of our community who we too have lost.
Our proposal is that we show our support in the form of crocheted/knitted yellow ribbons and hearts which can be added to this area to bring about a feeling of love and above all, support.
What's next?
You crochet or knit as many BRIGHT yellow hearts or ribbons as you can and post them to us by Sunday 2nd July. Go as big or as small as you like, as long as the finished result is made of yarn! On the evening of Monday 3rd July we will take everything to the Grenfell area and will work alongside volunteers from the local area to enhance the environment with everything you've sent to us so that when residents awake on Tuesday 4th July (nearly 3 weeks since the fire), they will have a sea of beautiful yellow yarn to make them smile. We will be attaching them to fences, light posts, trees and anything we can find. Please consider this when sending (i.e stringing hearts in to bunting or providing extra string for easy attachment to objects). We will take photos of the final results and post them here for all to see.
How do we get them to you?
Please drop either of us a message for the best postal address to send them to.
PLEASE BE MINDFUL - we are two people who would appreciate you to organise your collective efforts to donate as best as you can so that we are not inundated with messages. We are both dedicating a lot of our time to the relief effort on the ground at Grenfell so would appreciate your respecting that by getting together to donate if you are doing so as a WI or collective of friends.
We look forward to receiving your beautiful, handmade displays of love.
Joanne and Melissa
(Gothic Valley WI, Middlesex Federation)

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  1. Ooo err Daisy! Lovely idea about the yellow hearts