Friday, 23 June 2017

Waynetta returns!

Another day for chauffeur Dobbo - first up was a visit to the local doctors surgery so that Mum and Dad could sign on - it takes 3 weeks after submitting the form!!  Then it was on to an Oak furniture shop (after "donating" two large bags of towels and sheets to a charity bin!!) where Dad ordered the bookcase that he had seen last week.  Normally they would deliberate and then make a decision - not this turbo pair!  Not only did they order a bookcase, but also a cupboard for the bathroom, a toybox to store games and puzzles in the study and a side cabinet for the lounge to help keep it clutter free.  Everything is being delivered next Tuesday.

Worn out by this unusual spending spree, they walked back to the car past an appropriately named lawnmower centre.  Let's just pop in to see what they have on offer (their current one is a cheap non self propelled version- apparently).  They came out having bought a machine which will be delivered and set up next week - the company will also collect and return the machine every year when they want it to be serviced.  I was not sure how to cope with all of this impulse buying and it didn't bode well for our next stop off - the Hyundai garage!

Fortunately the car Dad was interested in was too low (they are used to a higher car) and we left the garage with just my seat belt!

Next up was lunch at the garden centre and the cause of the title.  Some years ago Harry Enfield did a sketch with Kathy Burke - Wayne and Waynetta - the slobs.  Since then if Mum has dropped something down her top she has laughed and called herself Waynetta - modesty prevents me from taking photos and recalling the incident details but I guess that you are ahead of me here!

By now we were flagging and so popped over to Morrisons - only to be met with a blue light ambulance screeching to a halt.  Clearly we didn't stop to gawp and just got on with the shopping (Mum is relishing having a fridge and adores her ice cube maker - small things I know).  With an additional stop off at B & Q for shelving and coat hooks (don't ask), I had time to take them home, unload the car, have a coffee and put a duvet on one of the spare beds, before turning round and picking Jean and her husband up from the train station.  Phew - its good to be home!

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  1. Well that should do the UK economy good!! Looking forward to seeing it all in situ :)