Thursday, 1 June 2017

A progress check.

Well, the sale went through okay and, as I write this blog, the entourage are making their way up the M5.  I think that Mum is quite pleased that she doesn't have to worry about moving in to anywhere today - they are both shattered and could do with the rest.  However its fingers crossed that the purchase goes ahead smoothly!

I have been boring the pants off you with my She Cave so thought that I would give you a glimpse of it - even though there is plenty still to do.  Let's start by looking back at the garden in September - the old shed had gone but it was what you might call "Getting out of hand!".

I took a picture today from the same angle and I think that it looks a tad better!

You may have imagined that the She Cave was grander than it is.  In reality it is just a simple shed, painted and with these lovely spotted voiles so that it looks more feminine.

The original Lloyd Loom cupboard is a doer upper

Whereas the cream shelves were reduced in a garden centre and complement the Jane Austen post cards.

In short I am pleased with the progress so far and really enjoying the gardening side of things - I just need to remember to keep watering the plants!


  1. Cave looks wonderful.
    Glad the move is going well, and fully understand how shattered your parents must be.

    1. Thank you -I'm getting there. I have also been sent incriminating photos of Mum and Dad asleep in the car but I am too nice a daughter to post those in public!

  2. What a lovely relaxing area you have created, well done. Imagining Grandma and Grandad now snoozing on your sofa with Maisie snuggled into Grandad

    1. They decided to stop off over night so have not arrived yet!

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