Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Three wet ladies!

After a shockingly early start (Daisy started at 5am, shortly followed by Maisie!!) it felt difficult to get going.  Yet I was confronted with three Dysons in varying stages of decimation - everything had been cleaned and washed - but had to be left for 24 hours to dry thoroughly.  Now we needed to put them back together again (cue another You Tube video to help!)  Mum had bought some essential oils from Amazon and so we put a few drops on the filters - the rooms now smell lovely and don't have that doggy smell after the hoover has been put round.  It was a job well done!  Mind you it was an expensive one - I seem to have bought some oils for myself - there is such a lovely range to choose from!

Whilst Mum was testing the hoovers, Dad went out and tested my nice new mower - mowing the lawn for me, bless.  He declared it to be just like a petrol mower but with a battery!

Next up was a home delivery from Sainsbury's (we couldn't face shopping yesterday and I had a £10 off a £50 spend from the petrol that I bought) and a visit from Autoglass.  On my way home on Saturday a lorry passed by and a rock hit the windscreen.  I didn't notice the large crack until Sunday morning and so had to contact the insurance company yesterday who were very efficient in sorting t all out - as was the gentleman who put the new screen in.

Once that was done, and the car could be driven, we all loaded into the car to deliver Mum to the hairdressers and the three dogs to the beach.  As Dad and I walked along, the dogs had a whale of a time and found every stream and puddle after all of that rain yesterday.

So we now have a clean house, a fresh haircut, three working Dysons, a mowed lawn and three very tired and wet dogs -admit it, you're all jealous now aren't you?

Meanwhile, the pile of cleaning equipment to take to the new house on Friday is ever increasing - I may just need a trailer at this rate! Mind you I have also done a Tesco order to be delivered there Saturday morning - it felt strange to put a new address in!

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  1. Like the sound of the essential oils! Sounds like one of those productive days.