Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Father's Day xx

Today started far too early - Daisy was at it again - whining and howling, getting noisier by the minute, from 2:30am. She never wants to go out just to get up - so I did like the experts suggest and ignored her the best I could.  TWO HOURS later she was still at it but getting so loud I began to worry about the neighbours and so gave in.  Tonight I am planning on using the upstairs bedroom -Mum and Dad say that they never hear her so let's test that notion!

The plan, today, was to drive Mum and Dad to church this morning.  They had gone to a Jo Cox inspired afternoon tea yesterday and this is all part of meeting new people and, hopefully, making new friends.  After I had dropped them off, I popped to Morrisons and then found a shaded avenue to park on and wait.  My cousin would be proud of me - I even did some knitting whilst I waited!


With temperatures rising (the car read 30 degrees this afternoon!) we enjoyed a leisurely lunch with the arrival of one of my brothers, Graham, and his wife Janet.  Graham had bought Dad some cricket wickets and some special balls so that they could get some practise in before my younger brother's wedding in August and an inter-family cricket competition.  As Dad and Graham measured out the correct length for the wicket (22 yards we are told) we were all surprised at how long it was - mum said that it didn't look as far on the tv!  Dad plans to practise his bowling -although he may just regret that in the morning!

As the power washer emerged from Graham's car to clean the bench we all gave Mum and Dad for their 40th wedding anniversary, I took my leave and came home to open the windows and sort the dogs out. With a little breeze here, it was really nice to sit inside and sew bunting for the afore mentioned wedding - 70m down and 30m to go - I've nearly  cracked it!


  1. Waiting in a car, in a car park, with some knitting and bottle of water in are living my life!! Naughty Daisy! Sounds like she wants her mummy!

    1. don't take this the wrong way - i dont want her at 2:30am!