Saturday, 17 June 2017

It's a catch up day!

or maybe I should have called it a wilting day - given the weather!

With nowhere to go, I had planned a day of getting on top of things.

First up was some sewing - its been ages since I have had a chunk of time to "play".  Sewingbuddy and I had found a free pattern on craftsy which we both fell in love with.  Called a magic pouch, it is a small clutchbag with two pockets for your keys and phone - complete with a wristlet handle for ease.

Next up was more general housework - hoovering, tidying and washing - before settling down with a second sewing task.  My partner in crime has created a second pattern to be published so I am one of the testers.  I have to say that it goes together like a dream so I look forward to showing you all in the near future.

It was a real joy to have lunch in the garden - if under a big parasol - but I couldn't put it off any longer - the lawn just had to be cut!  Dad had cut the back one last week and that was long enough - but the front one - yikes!  We keep being told that Britain in bloom will be round to judge our village - erm that would be a no then!  Let's just say that I emptied the mower once doing the back lawn and 4 times doing the front - I won't say which one is bigger (but its not the front!)

The final sewing task was the completion of a Christmas present - this was started nearly two months ago and kept being shoved to the back of the list - it feels really good to cross it off!

I have saved the ironing for this evening, when it will hopefully be a tad cooler.   I am also going to enjoy my first batch of strawberries and raspberries - mmmmm, I love just going out and picking my pudding!  There's not quite enough - but its a start!

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  1. Wilting is the word! Sounds like you got a lot done though!