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Monday, 19 June 2017

Cruella de Vil !!

Well, my crafty plan worked - sort of!   I slept upstairs and didn't hear Daisy until around 4:30am.  I then turned the radio on low and dozed for another couple of hours - by which time she was really giving it some welly!  I say slept - did anyone sleep last night. It was really hot - especially upstairs!

The first task of the day, after some housework, was another round of bunting - 90m down, 10 to go!  Of course both Daisy and Millie were in the craft room fast asleep at this point - great eh?  Then it was off to pick a friend and her husband off ad take them to the train station.  They don't often go away for a holiday together and it was cute to see her husband really quite excited!

After that it was onto Slimming world for a morning weigh in (stayed the same - Mum reckons its her fault!) and then onto Mum's via Tesco.  Mum and Dad wanted me to pick up some new phones and a fan (they literally only had 3 left!).  I also picked up a small gazebo that they were selling for £15 - it won't be the best but it will offer mum and Dad some much needed shade!  Mind you, its a good thing that no one was watching Mum and I put it up!

The main event of the day would be the delivery of the large fridge freezer (they have been using cool boxes for the last week and are getting fed up of things going off!), washing machine and tumble dryer.  As we chatted over lunch it was agreed that i should ring the firm to see what time they would arrive.  Er, they said that we were down for delivery tomorrow and not this afternoon - er, no!  I gave it to them with both barrels (politely of course) - I pointed out that we had agreed this afternoon and I was not prepared to see my elderly parents suffering in this heat for a day longer!  Everything arrived by mid afternoon!

Over an afternoon cuppa, we decided to try those fancy biscuits that I had bought them as a house moving present - they were very nice!  However when Mum decided to eat "Maisie" - and feed Maisie with a piece of "Maisie" then it all seemed a bit Cruella de Vil - hence the title !

With a kitchen emerging from the chaos, I am promised that my next visit on Wednesday will astound me!  Meanwhile I can start to focus on the much neglected hand sewing!

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  1. Great gazebo bargain! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my gazebo, makes sitting in the garden so much more pleasurable!