Saturday, 10 June 2017

Isn't it lovely when family come together?

Leaving aside the 4:22 am alarm call from Daisy, the day started early with the delivery of my housewarming present for Mum and Dad.  I had "commissioned" a box of biscuits (always useful when moving house) from a local company. They loved their biscuits rather too much ( look at the detail of the snail plus trail!) - they don't want to eat them now.

The plan was to get to the new house by 9am and receive a delivery from Tesco's - which arrived almost as we did.  Then the postman arrived (with a rather dashing red mohican) and Dad picked up his first piece of post - the bill from the solicitors!

Pretty soon my brother from Caistor and another from Manchester (plus his wife and dog) arrived and it was all hands to the deck.  Graham sorted out the garage, and it literally sparkled when he left, whilst Phil started by sorting out the wifi (you've got to get those priorities now don't you?)  I was dispatched back to Graham's house for the industrial cleaner and then to B & Q to pick up the rug doctor carpet cleaner - leaving Mum and Chris on cleaning duties.

Lunch was a causal affair (yes I even refused the afternoon tea again!) and Penny enjoyed being the centre of attention!).

After which it was back to work with Dad and Graham painting ceilings, Phil cleaning and me hoovering and carpet cleaning.  Although the carpets looked clean, I am always fascinated by the dirt that comes out!

By 5pm we were all ready to come home (thank goodness I had put some chicken in the slow cooker!) but i came home to a lovely surprise - my new gift to myself - a motivacelet!  You add the different sized beads to reflect your weight loss and looking at it, as you reach for that goody,  is supposed to motivate you!  Let's see shall we?


  1. What a great idea those biccies are...and I can imagine it will be very hard to eat them! Looks like you have all been busy and achieved a lot...well done! Love looking at how much dirt comes out too! Weird aren't we!

  2. What' a busy day, expect your all shattered.?