Friday, 2 June 2017

Stage one finished!

In the end Mum and Dad decided to stop off overnight at good old Premier Inn.  They met up with their grandson and his girlfriend for an evening meal and my brother texted me this morning to say that he thought they needed the break.

The entourage finally arrived here for a late lunch (it was a scratch meal made up of what was in supplemented by some goodies from the local shop (tomatoes, beetroot and mayonnaise - all the things that I don't like so wouldn't buy!).  Although I set the conservatory up for the meal, luck was on our side and the rain held off so we could sit outside.  Just as well really - it is baking hot here and so what breeze there was was welcomed!  It also allowed for the tearful reunion between Dad and Maisie - she was somewhat pleased to see him back again!

Meanwhile, and amongst the tidying up, making lunch etc duties, I started on a blue fabric cracker for a WI competition (don't ask).  I also made my shopping list for tomorrow - its a quilting show at Springfields, Spalding and there's 5 ladies on tour!  Mind you - Sewingbuddy went today so there's probably nothing left!

On the house front, everything is now finished in Devon and the bill was posted here today (who says that solicitors aren't quick off the mark?) and the solicitor is still waiting for the searches this end.  If she hasn't heard by the end of work today then she will chase them up on Monday.  She reassures us that everything is ready to go - as long as the searches don't flag up anything unexpected of course!  A moving in date would be nice though!!


  1. glad they arrived, and yes dont bother going to springfields me and sewing buddy bought it all.
    love pat 1 x

    1. now i don't think that's quite true now is it? Mind you - I've heard that there's a certain book that i might need to buy!!

  2. Glad the weather was kind to you and Maisie and Grandad are now reunited!