Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A "down" day.

I woke up this morning to the most painful eye imaginable.  It is something that has happened before and usually clears after a couple of painkillers and some nose blowing - it feels as if I have blocked sinuses.  Today, however, was different - nothing was shifting it and I was beginning to feel quite sick! (sorry if that's too much detail).  I had been due to take the car in to have the seat belt mended, walk home and then walk back later to collect the car - that was just not going to happen as I played the dying swan on the sofa (along with a hot water bottle because i felt so cold)!  Instead I made an appointment with the doctor - and managed to get one today!!

After being prodded and poked, blood pressure taken, stroke ruled out etc (yikes - its a headache!), she decided that I had to up the steroids back up to 40mg again (I had got down to 5mg a day -boo hoo!)  Ah well, if it stops the problem then back I go!

So, long story short, I have achieved nothing of note today - apart from catching up on The Real Full Monty - well worth watching - thank you Wendy for the heads up - and starting a Christmas present.  Not one of my finest days!


  1. Oh dear :( is it the same eye as last year when you needed the patch? Hoping it clears soon xx