Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Phew - made it! Bunting fest is over!

With the temperature dropping by 10 degrees overnight, it was a real pleasure to have to wear a jacket to walk the dogs today!  I don't know - we moan when its too hot / too cold / too wet / too dry!!

With a day at home planned, it was a quick tidy around and then down to some serious sewing.  My brother is getting married in the summer and they asked for 100 m of "bish bash bosh" bunting as my wedding gift to them -well, I kept going until I ran out of fabric but they should have more than enough - it was a relief to get it finished and will be posted tomorrow - hopefully.

With sewing dictating the mood, I then set to making an overdue birthday present - can't show you yet but it is coming along really nicely.   I also received a much waited for email from Lynette Anderson with a swap challenge for her workshop in August - an embroidery pattern which then has to be incorporated into a mug rug - which we will then swap with someone at the workshop - my mind is full of ideas at the moment!

Of course you have to have some background "noise" whilst sewing and normally I would have the radio on.  However, today I was watching (more like listening) a quilt version of the Sewing Bee.  I was both impressed with their ideas, relieved that my finishing seems to be better than theirs and appalled by the bitchy comments.  However it made interesting viewing and I certainly didn't agree with the judges decision as to who to eliminate - you can watch it here (well, the first three episodes anyway!)

The main event of the day, however, was not the copious amount of sewing, or even the finishing of the bunting, but the spotting of the lesser spotted council employee cutting my verge.  Never, in the 26 years that I have lived here, have the council cut my grass verge - yet someone does it today (three days after I had done it!)  Could this be a new service?   Doubt it - maybe Britain in Bloom judges are about to appear!

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  1. Well done on finishing that mammoth task! Look forward to seeing it in situ!
    Grr to the verge cutting!