Monday, 5 June 2017

The results are in!

Today, being a Monday, was "back to school" for the Textile Group. The programme said that we were tackling the second mystery block for a Christmas wall hanging - this time focusing more on embroidery skills than needleturn.  Carine was really into this project.

Linda, meanwhile, wanted to practice her free motion quilting - and she has turned out to be excellent at it.  Her slow and steady approach is just right for this technique.

I arrived home to be confronted with a dismembered hoover and a "you tube video" - Mum was going to town cleaning the Dyson out!  By the time we had finished, all three Dysons had been stripped down and thoroughly cleaned.  Mum and Dad had also had the results of the searches for their house purchase - as ever there are a couple of details  which require decisions which then hold the process up just a little longer!

Then it was onto the main event - the Slimming World weigh in.  Woop woop - another 3 1/2 lbs off so I am now 1 1/2lbs away from the half way point in this first challenge and 2 1/2 stone gone!  I guess that it worked avoiding the cream tea then!


  1. Wayhay! Well done! Great result!
    Sounds like Grandma and Grandad have way too much time on their hands if they are dismantling vacuum cleaners!!

    1. But its nice to come home to!

    2. Lynda, I am really really proud of you. Give yourself a medal. Pat 1