Sunday, 25 June 2017

My first!

Today, apart from some humble household jobs like mowing the lawn, was another sewing celebration day.  This time it was a visit to a local quilt show - held every other year.  When we last went we were bowled over by the exhibits - this time we were a little more critical.  Not I hasten to add in a bad way but just because we know more now than we did!

On our way in we were given two cards - one for a free coffee and piece of cake (they wrapped mine up to take home and eat after weigh in tomorrow) and one tovote for the best exhibit in show.  I will divulge my vote at the end of this blog but thought that you might like to see some of my contenders and choose for yourself.

 I liked this bag - styled to look like a Lincolnshire scene

Then again this view through a window caught my attention

As did this Klint inspired piece.

Quiltwise this woodland scene was striking

and I could only admire the hours of EPP involved in this quilt and table runner.

Once home I was out in the garden, mowing the lawn as I said, and I passed by the bucket of potatoes.  They fascinate me - how, on earth do you know when they are ready to pick?  So I took a sneaky peak - and look what I am having for tea!  My first home grown potatoes followed by home grown raspberries - I'm living the good life!

On a different note I have mentioned an outstanding birthday present that I had been working on.  well I can now show you since I have given it to Wendy - it was a Lynette Anderson Mushroom    Tri-fold organiser - she was quite pleased!

And my vote?  Well it went to the view through the window - the embroidery was stunning!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day...I would have voted for the colourful EPP quilt :) Well done on the spuds