Wednesday, 28 June 2017

An "up" day .....

Well, that doctor knew her onions!  After getting in from the doctors yesterday, I took the increased dosage of steroids (to get a head start) and work up this morning headache free - oh the relief!

I had set today apart to drive over to a sewing shop -yes I hear you tutting but wait just a mo!  I have enrolled on a year's course to make this stunning sewing box.  As you open each layer there s something else to admire and is right up my street.  Today was the last class for this year's group so I was invited along to have a look at their work and perhaps decided on a  colour scheme.  I actually came away having spent very little (go me) but with a good idea about what to expect in September.  Mission accomplished.

Back home, and having tackled the conservatory, it was time for lunch before settling down to finishing that Christmas present I mentioned yesterday.

Mind you - talk about Christmas presents - this box arrived today and contains a present for someone in my family - ooh er!

Last night I managed to sew up the hearts that I am making for Grenfell, and will crochet a hanging rope tonight with a view to posting it tomorrow so that it is ready for Monday evening.  Time has only allowed me to make 5 hearts but I seem to recall that a family of five was amongst the missing people presumed dead, so it seems all the more poignant.

So, all in all, a much better day than yesterday, thank goodness.  Not only that but the doctor I saw yesterday has asked me in tomorrow for another blood test (I guess its to check the levels for my Temporal Aerteritus) so you do feel that she is being thorough which is a huge relief!

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  1. Good to know you are feeling better and being followed up. Lovely sewing box. Christmas pressies already! If only I had the inspiration at this time of year! Socks anyone??