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Thursday, 15 June 2017

I can see clearly now .....

here (good old Lincolnshire)Apologies for not posting yesterday - I arrived home far too late!

Having had a leisurely start to the day, it was then off to the groomers for Daisy, up to Mum and Dad's for  cuppa, back to pick up Daisy, home to drop her off and then onto Market Rasen to buy a fridge / freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer.  Whilst Mum and Dad could do their laundry at mine, the lack of a fridge in this weather is causing some problems - they are currently using two of my cool blocks and rotating the freezer blocks (thank goodness they have a freezer in the garage!)

Mum and Dad had done their homework so, although they wanted to see the products in reality, the transaction was relatively swift.  Everything will be delivered and fitted on Monday afternoon - and they gave a discount for the "bulk buying"!!

We came home via the most useless tea room - no lunches / sandwiches etc -and picked up some lovely strawberries from a side stall in the middle of nowhere (good old Lincolnshire).  Once home it was all systems go - unpacking and rearranging!  When I got home I sure needed the rest.

The plan, this morning, was not to go back but I felt guilty that we hadn't managed to finish the lounge and the dining room (and my brother and wife are visiting tonight).  It may only have been two days ago that the furniture was delivered but Mum wanted to show the progress that they had made!  So, this morning, off I went back to Mum and Dad's - this time with the dogs in tow!

By the time I left, we had finished the lounge and the dining room was nearly ready.  The kitchen annexe was sorted and Mum was going to tackle the mountain of boxes in the kitchen.  They are slowly getting there! Meanwhile the dogs really enjoyed bombing around the garden and playing with each other - by the time I came home mine were dropping off!

Of course I have managed to get some crafting in (at last!)  Before I set off this morning I managed to finish these two Scamblesby blocks.

I also had an annual check up re my single kidney- pleased to report totally normal blood pressure (and after the week we'e had as well!!)  I have to wait for the results of a blood test and a urine test but hopefully everything will come back okay.


  1. Its all coming together! Looks like that tea shop can get ticked off our list!