Thursday, 8 June 2017

200 days until Christmas! / My mum has gone MAD!

Well - just putting it out there!

I must confess -I won't be sorry to see Mum and Dad move into their new home.  Not, I hasten to add, for the reasons you may imagine - but between their dog and mine, we are getting far too many early mornings!  This morning Daisy stated whining at 5:50am!  Not wanting to set Maisie off, I climbed over furniture to go the long way round to the kitchen and let her come back to my bedroom.  She did settle down but, 3/4 hour later, Maisie started and Dad got up!  We are on our knees here as they both play "tag team" with us!  Needless to say, by 9am they are all curled up in their beds asleep!!

With 24 hours before we can get the keys and gain access, we decided to go out to a garden centre for a mooch around and spot of lunch.  Although Dad was looking at some plants, it was nice to have a day not worrying about house things - the next few days will be full enough for that!  Dietwise, eating out is always full of tempting pot holes but I managed to choose wisely - fish (not the batter), and a double helping of peas - no chips -syn free - yey!  On the way, we stopped off for coffee at Caistor Lakes(the first in our challenge of 12 new tea rooms in 12 months) - just look at all the wonderful cakes on display!  Was I tempted?  Yes - but didn't give in - instead I just had coffee and one of my SW bars!  Mum enjoyed her Angel Cake though whilst Dad had a piece of Bakewell cake.

Whilst in the actual garden centre, Dad spotted this handbag on a neighbouring table and Mum fell in love with it.  Fortunately the centre sold the bags and so one was added to the trolley - along with furniture for the new house which is being delivered next week.  With this handbag at my brothers wedding in August, you could say that Mum is becoming trendy!  You would certainly call it a statement piece!

So, what did I buy?  Not only was I good foodwise but my purchases were limited to a pot of sweet peas and a courgette plant - what on earth is happening to me? Craftwise I haven't been too busy either - I finished this block today and will work on finishing a gift tag for the WI tonight - note to self - must do better!


  1. Today is the first I have heard of your 12 new tea shops in 12 mths and can you believe I was going to start blogging tea shops I had googled in your area, for you to try out for us! Having looked at "things to do near Grimsby" it seems the list has yet to be made! So tea shops seemed like a good day out for us! Maybe you could give us some reviews on the ones you visit? The bag looks very toadstooly!

    1. I thought that you would like the bag! I have set mum the challenge to find 12 places for a cake and cuppa that I haven't been to yet!

    2. Reviews would be interesting :)