Saturday, 24 June 2017

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"

Today has been a lovely, and very self indulgent, workshop day.  Wendy and I headed off to Lincoln to do some needlefelting - a day of stabbing wool fibres into some form of shape!

We started with some red fibres and, after several hours, managed to produce this!

Many hours later - not to mention a lovely lunch(yes Sewingbuddy, I did not have the cake or the pudding!) - my toadstool was complete.  The bee hangs over the flower in the meadow and is quite sweet.

Wendy opted for a smaller jar and made a lady bird on a leaf in her meadow.  I also discovered an intriguing idea for a Christmas present - its useful to meet new people now isn't it?

Next door there was a group of people intriguingly using their sewing machines to draw and colour in some fabric pictures - something to try next time perhaps?

Tonight is my monthly stint at selling ice creams at the local theatre - so its a quick turn around!


  1. Cute toadstools...sounds like a much nicer day than mine!

  2. Very nice, can't wait to see it, and well done on the cake front!
    What you didn't say - was if you brought a iece home for later ???