Friday, 16 June 2017

Don't give up the day job!

Today, my taxiing skills were required (Mum and Dad's car should be fixed by the middle of next week and then it has to be transported from one end of the country to the other!).  When I arrived, Mum had an extensive list of shopping to be bought (can they honestly fit anything else into the house you might well ask!) - with items such as toilet brushes and pedestal mats.  So, naturally , our first stop was an Oak furniture place on the way into Grimsby to see if Dad could get another bookcase into his study - he can!

Next up was The Range for a cuppa (we all think better with a cuppa in front of us now don't we and I did have a voucher for a free drink!).  Having opened my bag of mini party rings ( 4 1/2 syns per bag) in walked someone from Slimming World - now why did I feel compelled to explain myself?

 Next up was a pop into Dunelm to buy said toilet brushes etc (after much discussion about colour schemes) before heading into the middle of Grimsby and Mark and Spencer for lunch.  I will confess - I took my own SW lunch with me and really enjoyed it! (I also bought a coffee - well I had another voucher for a free drink - so no one challenged me about eating my own food.)

After a stop off at B & Q for padlocks - they now have a "he cave" and a "she cave"!! - it was nearing 3:30pm by the time we got home.  Whilst the kettle boiled I sorted out their "youview" box and how to retrieve recorded programmes - it's the high life as you can see! -before leaving them to have a nap and coming home to walk the dogs at the beach.

The visit from my brother and his wife last night has resulted in a cut lawn and more boxes being unpacked so you can definitely see progress.  The next job has to be the removal of this corner cupboard (Sorry Wendy!) before Monday afternoon when their new fridge freezer arrives.  They also have to do something about all of these boxes!

Tonight I am at home, chilling, and enjoying some finishing off crafts.  At the moment I feel as if I am drowning in craft projects!  Thank goodness I am staying at home tomorrow.


  1. What a busy day! And in all this heat as well! Its all looking good and love the idea of a he and she cave!

    1. luckily we had a breeze - tomorrow promises to be even hotter! Still, its an excuse to sit outside and take life slow!