Monday, 26 June 2017

Past the halfway point!

The textile group, today, was due to start making fabric flowers for our fabric festival next year and I took this picture of our starting supplies so that you can see our progress. TWO hours later!!!!!!!!! I had managed to stop myself junking it in the bin!  Let's just say that I have learnt what not to do!!

After a return home, some housework, 15 mins trying to tidy the craft room (hardly made a dint) and wrapping up of wedding bunting ready to post, it was then onto Slimming World.  After a couple of "so so" weeks I managed to lose 4 1/2 lbs - taking me past the halfway stage for my first target.  I have set Nov 9th as my target date and have a couple of trips away so I am trying to build up some wiggle room!

The journey home took a slight detour (well,I had to pick up tea from Mum now didn't I - would be rude not to surely?)  before settling down for a quiet (hopefully) evening!  Oh - and I mustn't forget that luscious chocolate cake now must I?  I reckon that I have deserved it!


  1. Rather you than me with that latest project! I can see its going to be very handy having mum close by!!