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Thursday, 29 June 2017

oh er mother - I'm on a roll today!

Isn't is a great feeling - feeling well that is?  Suddenly all of those tasks cry out to be done and you have the energy to do them!

First up was a few finishing touches on my Lynette Anderson workshop project.  We have been sent this pattern to handsew - which then has to be made up into a mug rug and will be swapped with another participant at the workshop.

Then there was the bunting to be posted in aid of the Grenfell Tower residents.  I managed to post this on the way back from my blood test appointment (it still seems strange to see the nurse that I taught as an 11 year old!).  Once home, and a small amount of tidying up, it was then off out to a WI committee meeting (avoiding the Harrods sparkly biscuits I might add) before coming home to a long overdue sewing project.  This twiddling piece was from a Jenni Rayment workshop several months ago and it has been waiting for the past 4 points to be added.  Now that they are there I can spend some time tonight sewing the binding over.

After lunch, and a wet dog walk where Daisy did her best to avoid the puddles (princess picky toes!), I then settled down to another long overdue project.  I had done the applique and embroideries for this Lynette Anderson scissor case some time ago but had been putting off finishing the case.  All that is left to do now is to complete the binding, add a zipper tab and then give it a press.  Phew!

With just some embroidery to trace for the next project (well I do like to have some handsewing on the go as you know) today has felt like a really productive day - not bad for only 4 hours sleep after the noisiest storm last night!

On a more positive note Mum and Dad now have their car back - I am officially standing down as their Chauffeur!

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  1. Wow what a productive day indeed! Health is indeed something money cannot buy. Good to hear you have one less duty from now on, although I am sure it was fun and involved lots of coffee out!