Tuesday, 6 June 2017

What a difference a day makes .......

We awoke to rain, doom and gloom!  Dad had to phone the solicitor and that simple phone call started a chain of events which has resulted in a moving date!  Let me explain.

Last night Mum phoned the couple ("John and Sally") who are selling their house and they seemed just as frustrated with the process as we were.  They even indicated that, if they could, they would complete today.  Everything had been removed, apart from the large furniture.  They were just waiting on the solicitor giving them a date to arrange the transport.  Dad's phone call this morning, although aimed at answering some queries, revealed that they were the ones deciding on a possible moving date - everyone was ready to go!  Cue another call to "John and Sally" who, of course, weren't at home.  However messages were left and we even popped round on our way out into Grimsby - but to no avail.

Sitting  in the M & S cafe, we had a phone call from "John" - who was as happy as Mum and Dad - he could get the van organised and vacate the property by Friday lunchtime.  As it happens I have a hair appointment Friday morning and so will be passing to pick up the keys! Cue shopping in Dunelm for cleaning equipment!

In the range cafe, having lunch, a phone call to the removal company revealed that they could deliver the furniture next Monday - subject to a confirmation call later in the day.  When this came in they confirmed that the furniture would arrive by lunchtime and the men would deliver as much as possible on Monday and the rest on Tuesday - result!

Cue three very happy but shattered people - not sure that we can cope with this much more!