Friday, 18 March 2016

A return to a normal life

One of the perils of writing a daily blog is that some days are just not fun filled, packed with excitement.  Today is one of those days which was just normal.  With a number of guests coming over the next fortnight I tidied the lounge (of Daisy's scraps), the bedroom (of Daisy's scraps) - do you see a pattern emerging yet?  I even cleaned the shower glass - go me! After finishing this entry I will work myself up to taking the hoover upstairs to get the guest bedroom sorted and then we will be ready.

Crafting wise I finished block 10 of The Splendid Sampler but need to press it before deciding whether that unmatched point will annoy me enough to undo it or just cover it up with an embroidery stitch from the sewing machine - possibly the latter since I don't always use this lovely machine to its full extent.  I also did some more hand embroidery on my two mystery projects.

I don't know about you but we have only had tantalising glimpses of the sun today so I wasn't surprised when our walk at the beach turned very windy and cold - as I write the rain clouds are gathering!  Just as well I am planning a night in in front of the fire and sports relief - I have already donated to the charity so can sit back and enjoy. I am particularly intrigued by Michael Crawford's return as "Some mothers do 'ave em" - I understand that he did his own stunts again - at over 70!

One point of 'normality" though - I signed a petition that's being presented to the government about all schools becoming academies.  Nothing unusual I guess but that was something I always shied away from when working so its a nice feeling to find your voice again!


  1. Well done on all your 'housework'. Get you shower glass!!! (Can I mention the shower head!!!). The embroidery looks good, I can't see any 'mistakes' I'm sure no one will notice. Did you enjoy your meal last night? Xxxxx

  2. Sounds like a fairly productive day to me¬