Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bucket lists

Yesterday, as I was perusing Facebook, a bucket list came up and I was encouraged to tick which ever actions I had completed from the list.  I resisted the urge - thinking "this isn't my bucket list so why would it bother me whether I have done it or not?"  However today another post appeared selling a vehicle which could tempt me!  Let me explain.  When I thought, years ago, of retirement and what I might do to fill the endless hours (ha ha) I thought seriously of buying a motor home.  I had plans of putting myself and the dogs in the home and travelling around the country - I even had a map of the UK to plot possible destinations.  Of course reality hit and the idea was shelved - as usual - but this vehicle looks REALLY tempting!!  In particular I like the non conformity of the van and the snugness - its own stove!! mmmmm Maybe I need to sleep on this one!


Yesterday evening we had a visitor.  I don't know if you can make it out but a pheasant set up camp at the top of my hedge - much to the consternation of Daisy who did not want to come in.

So, onto today.  I managed to complete the 12 days of Christmas bunting - adding the buttons after lunch when I had time to sit down.

Next up was banana cake for the WI meeting (we all have to bring something and I had bananas to use up).  I use a Nigella Lawson recipe from her domestic goddess book.  Every time I make the cake I forget how nice it is and a fab way to use up brown bananas.

Finally it was time to walk the dogs - today was a much nicer sunnier day - before heading out to Slimming World.  We have a new leader tonight so it will be interesting to see how that goes. Whilst we were out we came across some old doggy friends.  Their black lab, Rocky, has put on a lot of weight and the owners were complementing Millie on how sleek and healthy she looked (get her!!)  It did Daisy some good getting to see a new and large dog up close - she started by crying and ended up racing round him.

By the way - don't fret mum - the van has been sold!


  1. Wonder if its the same pheasant we saw in your garden....cant say we too many of them down in this neck of the woods!
    What an inspiring van! Such a shame its sold hee hee.

  2. Thank goodness for that. I have to admit I was getting a little worried!!! All this freedom has gone to your head.xx

    1. I will send you some postcards lol

  3. You been getting ideas from Sally Thomson ,
    But must admit does look very appealing .

    1. It was Sarah Paybe who first posted the van x

  4. Here in the USA you can rent a vehicle like that by the day week month
    It is not for me I want a full size toilet and shower. Also some do not have an oven, but for a week or two vacation perhaps

    How nice to drive as far as you want and park and sleep then wake up and have your morning coffee and a bite to eat with out having to get dressed and going out in public.
    Of course there are those rules about where to park how long and to get water and electric you have to go to a special RV park and pay