Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Getting on top of things and making the most of bad weather

Today was one of those lovely days with no ties / appointments - apart from weigh in tonight of course.  So I decided to spend some time in the craft room sorting that pile of bits into the now infamous plastic boxes (I've heard tell that Dad has been out buying more plastic boxes today - he still has10 empty ones up here - be very afraid everyone!)  Once that was done my thoughts turned to the Anni Down quilt and cutting the 50 different pieces that I needed to border the next three appliqué blocks - I will sew them tomorrow but the cutting, as you may expect, takes time!  Throughout this period the dogs were curled up together in their bed, although I did notice Daisy moving to sleep onto top of a canvas bag, before dragging it back to bed - no doubt hoping that this spy like behaviour would go unnoticed!

Once I was finished with that I decided to clean up the dog bed - the bed looked bad enough , but when I removed the sheepskin pad the depth of Daisy's Kleptomania became clear!

Whilst in the craft room I also fitted these small spring loaded net curtain poles - to hold the balls of perle cotton that sewingbuddy got for me.  Then it was off to the kitchen to clear the "Daisychaos" and sort the washing out - can you tell that the weather has been awful here yet?

This afternoon I decided to sort this jumbled bag of DMC stranded cottons from an 18 year old project into a more organised form - it's a good excuse to catch up with Happy Valley etc - however I didn't figure on a certain young lady wanting to join in and help me!


  1. What a busy day you had.
    Daisy is getting worse.
    Love the spring loaded per le organiser , brill idea.
    Good luck tonight.

    1. Well -she's got personality! I lost 1 1/2 lbs tonight so not so shabby!

  2. Excellent news on the weight loss :)
    As for that cheeky Daisy...she does give us some laughs you have to admit that!

  3. Daisy is very good at finding things ..... If only she could find those things you are looking for