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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

"It's my dream house - I want it NOW!"

Today started gently and I found some time to start with my next Anni Down applique block.  I like to needleturn so use template plastic to cut each piece of fabric out (with a seam allowance), secure each piece with Roxanne basting glue and then hand sew - in my case I will start (and hopefully finish) my handsewing tonight.  well a girl can dream can't she?

Yesterday Dad has suggested that we try to squeeze another house viewing in this morning (we already had one planned for this afternoon).  On paper it looked wonderful but we have thought that before and have been caught out.  This time we were hooked from the moment that we walked up the drive - it just felt like their house.  In fact Mum whispered the words at the start of this post - almost like Violet Elizabeth in "Just William"!  It ticks every criteria on the list - even has its own outdoor barbeque oven - and is in a village with all the amenities that they need.  Let's just hope that they can sell their house in time and make an acceptable offer!

Once in Grimsby it seemed churlish not to stop for coffee and a cake - this time in The Range.  After a lengthy look around I picked up this collapsible craft table.  My aim is to get the craft room decorated in June but clearing the room will be a nightmare - not least because I want to get rid of the large desk that the computer stands on.  I am hoping that this table will double up as a computer table for a short time and provide me with the impetus to get clearing (it all kicks off after my next set of visitors leave next Sunday!).

After lunch at M & S (I know - we slum it - but we did have over £8 in vouchers!), it was time for our second house viewing.  It was a lovely large house and would meet all of the criteria set down.  However it was in a village with no real amenities and, sadly, had quite an aroma of dogs.  Now as a dog owner, I feel sad saying this and I know that such an aroma can be got rid of, but it did tend to colour your judgement - particularly after this morning's experience!  However I can report that the house is on the possible list and will be monitored.  It now all depends on how quickly Mum and Dad's prospective buyers sell their houses and what is available at that point.

Tonight there is a conflict of TV viewing - Dad wants to watch England's match (mainly because the team includes Leicester City players!) but Mum and I don't.  Suffice it to say that I have bought him a set of headphones and will sort out ITV on his laptop!!  I just hope that he doesn't cheer / moan too loudly.  Meanwhile they have started to pack up for their journey home tomorrow - starting with their TEN plastic boxes!! Yes I know there's only nine in the picture - one has already made it into the car!


  1. House looks a little pokey for our liking - not sure we could downsize to that!!!!!!!!! (What do you mean we could fit our whole house into the lounge and have space for a garden!)

  2. Wow to the houses...hope they take the dead zebra with them though!