Sunday, 13 March 2016

A sewing fairy tale

Once upon a time, there were seven Cinderella's, one Wicked Stepmother and an evil Baron.  The evil Baron, that for the sake of this tale we will call Phil, asked the Wicked Stepmother to challenge her friends to be creative.  Give them, he decreed, a random pack of crafty items and ask them to produce something wonderful, something of the highest quality and which will stun me!

The Wicked Stepmother (that would be me then) chuckled with glee and relished the opportunity to challenge her friends.  Waiting until they had been sated with their Christmas lunch at their November get together, she unleashed the challenge.  The packs were distributed at random - what would they get? Their pained expressions said it all - what on earth were they going to do with this tiny pack - would they live up to the challenge?

Today was D-day - delivery day of their creations - and the Baron has decreed that you should all see their efforts.  Being a fair Wicked Stepmother, I thought that you ought to see their starting pints - so here goes:-

Let's start with Louise who had pack one.  Unfortunately she could not complete the task but had intended to make a tote bag

Then there was Heather with pack 2 who made a notebook cover

Then Terry with pack 3 - who also made a notebook cover

Pat with pack 4 made a hanging heart and an evening clutch bag

Pat 2 with pack 5 and made a sewing organiser with detachable needle case, pin cushion and bead lady.

Jean with pack 6 made a patchwork teddy bear

and, lastly, Ev with pack 7 made a pin cushion and a hedgehog for her clips.

Lyn was very happy that there wasn't a pack for her!

What is the moral of this fairy tale - basically this is one creative group of women!

Who has won the challenge?  Well - our teacher, Jenny, will decide that in a fortnight's time!


  1. Didn't we do well?
    Please. Can we go o the ball wicked stepmother?

    1. It depends upon how nice you are to me! (and if you complete your chores!)

  2. Didn't they all do well!! It will be hard to choose...but if I HAD to pick one it would be the teddy :)