Saturday, 12 March 2016

UFO completed!

Today I was up and out early for a visit to B & Q.  Every time mum and dad visit they ask "haven't you got a power washer to sort ......?"  Technically they have a point - but don't tell them that.  Anyway this weekend B & Q have a top rated power washer on offer (£180 off) and I had another £5 off a £50 spend so it seemed worth making the journey.

Shop bought zip
My effort
Once home I decided to spend the day completing the cushion started at The Bramble Patch workshop.  I was pleased with the front of the cushion but always struggle with putting in a zip.  Consequently I was quite disappointed with the final cushion - until, that is, I compared my zip with the zip of a cushion bought from a local shop.  Suddenly I didn't feel so bad!

The dogs were walked in an ever increasing sea mist - it will be good to light the fire tonight - and I then settled down looking at some local craft workshops.  Sewingbuddy had alerted me to a set of workshops near Lincoln - if they work out then that will cut down on travel considerably.  I thought that I should print out a list of possible workshops so that we can discuss them tomorrow when we have our monthly Scamblesby get together.  Mind you, right now the printer doesn't want to work so that might be a lot of effort for nothing!

By the way - for those waiting to hear about what I found this morning after "stickytoffeepuddinggate" - the answer is nothing - nada - no impact seen.  How strange!


  1. Have wondered whether power washers are worth the interested to see your before and after photos when you have a play.
    The cushion is stunning, I don't know why you worried...the fox has such movement...its hard to believe he is sewn!
    As for stickytoffeegate...must have cast iron constitutions!

  2. Disappointing on the stickytoffeepuddinggate front....

    1. They need Penny to come over and teach them how to behave

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow, see you in the morning . X