Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I've (not) got the power!

Mum and Dad went back today - and have hopefully arrived safely.  After seeing them off, I had a day full of activity planned - cleaning, hoovering, washing and then a sew-fest catching up with those missing Splendid Sampler blocks.  Two loads of washing in everything stopped - it seemed as if I had a power cut!  After checking the lights it became clear that the sockets switch had flipped on the fuse board.  No matter what I did I just couldn't reset it.  In desperation I called an electrician - but he couldn't come until tomorrow morning - that's my freezer in jeopardy then.  I tried a different electrician who could come this afternoon - but couldn't give an exact time. 

It's amazing how much I need electricity - clearly my planned day was out (although my mother suggested that I actually washed up in the sink!!).  I couldn't even have the radio on - the house was very quiet!  Initially I busied myself with some hand sewing and then clearing up an area in the garden before moving inside to start clearing the desk.  It was here that I experienced my (wait for the pun) lightbulb moment.  I came across the instruction sheet for the fuse box which suggested that I unplugged all appliances and then started plugging them in one by one to see what the problem was.  The culprit?  The tumble dryer!  Cue cancelling the electrician - I will try a new fuse later and then buy a new dryer if needs be - phew!

Amongst all of this drama the postman knocked - there was a lovely parcel from one of my favourite fabric shops - my lovely Lynette Anderson fabrics for my block of the month project mmmm.

I must also say a big thankyou to my Dad who, before he left, has mended my step.  For more years than I can remember this step has wobbled and generally been dangerous.  Some quick setting cement later and it feels wonderfully secure - thanks Dad X

Right - now I am off to do another load of washing - wish me luck!!  I might even chance the dishwasher as well!.


  1. Good thinking on the leccy problem...with all the issues we hear of with tumble dryers these days, maybe you need a new one.