Thursday, 17 March 2016

Congratulations baby brother!

Last night I heard the most wonderful news - baby brother Mike (48) proposed to his girlfriend Sue -and the daft lady accepted!  They had been to watch a Leicester City match and he proposed on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral - how romantic!  I haven't met Sue yet - but they are planning a short visit in a couple of weeks time and I look forward to getting to know her.

Today has been a gloriously sunny day (well after the dullness had worn off).  The conservatory doors have been open and Daisy has been bombing in and out of the house - often accompanied by some "treasure" that she's found.  With the sewing cabinet now being in the conservatory, I could take advantage of the sunny weather and enjoy the sunshine as well - both dogs seemed to enjoy lazing around in it!


Today's first job was to complete block 9 of The Splendid Sampler - I just finished it when block 10 was released!

Then it was round to the church to take some heaters that had been delivered elsewhere and onto the local butchers.  These are the butchers that I have mentioned before - beautiful meat and just down the road from me.  After a suggestion from a customer, he announced on facebook that he had a new slimming world friendly sausage (I lost a pound last night by the way) so I just had to get myself some - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Next on the list of jobs was to book the kennels for a couple of occasions this year, complete some ironing, trace some embroidery patterns and do some more hand sewing before taking the dogs up to the beach.  The embroidery patterns were for the apron that I mentioned yesterday - it fits by the way (well with a nip and tuck you understand!).  This particular one is to raise awareness for breast cancer and I loved the design.

Tonight is my fourth night out on the trot - a meal out with the WI at a local Italian that I have never been to - it will be interesting!


  1. The block looks good! I'm sure Daisy is just cleaning up for you with all these treasures she keeps finding, perhaps you could train her to now the lawn!!!! Xxx

    1. The lawn has been mowed _believe it or not!