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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hey Ho, Hey Ho - it's off to Springfields we go .......

Every year, at Easter, Mum and Dad like to pop down the road (about a 3 hour drive round trip!) to Springfield's, in Spalding.  It's a small open aired retail outlet centre and, for years, Dad has gone to his favourite shop to buy some trousers.  So we set off early this morning - with the express purpose of having a nice day out and replenishing the wardrobe!  After an arrival coffee and lemon tart (Dad had lemon and ginger slice just to be different) we quickly realised that the shop had closed - what a catastrophe?  What were we to do?  Well, of course, we are resourceful souls and managed to find somewhere to shop!!  Since we have now started the garden makeover, I bought a bag of bulbs to plant up and a rather nice (don't worry - Mum doesn't like it either!) Cockerel which will stand quite proudly in the garden and add some much needed colour.

The garden centre was also a lovely source of ideas with lots of sayings and trinkets - Wendy I saw this and thought of you!

Once home, and after a quick nap, it was time to look at some details of a house that we are visiting tomorrow.  Dad is intending to draw a venn diagram on  map to focus the search - one of the problems they have is not knowing the area well enough to recognise village names.  However he is leading the methodical approach to house findings.

Tonight's craft - and, yes, I am aware that this blog has been rather empty of craft content - is to continue the embroidery of my apron.  It's an ongoing task!!

By the way, I got a place on the Lynette Anderson workshop and have now booked my hotel - well, it's actually a premier inn but don't hold it against me.


  1. Glad you had a nice day. Yes love the trinkets, can see a visit to Springfields coming soonish, maybe June time!

  2. Cute little sign. Lovely gonna name him?