Saturday, 19 March 2016

A "getting ready" day

With visitors arriving on Monday, and a day out at the NEC tomorrow at the "Sewing for pleasure" event, today was a day to get ready.  First up was a weekly shop - this time including items such as a thick sliced loaf and marmalade for breakfast (visitors) etc - plus a detour to Home Bargains for some puppy training pads.  Luckily Daisy seems to have got through her desire to wee anywhere and will now ask to go out / use the training pads.  They can seem expensive - but if it protects the carpets then it's worth it.  I also managed to buy something for my pack up tomorrow - suddenly you feel like you're going on a school trip again!

Once home, and shopping put away, I made a start on tidying the conservatory.  During the winter period this room tends to become a dumping ground.  The outside table and chairs should be moved out soon - after I have used the power washer to clean the area of course.  I also needed to clear the Horn sewing Cabinet.  I have sold it to a friend and she may come round tomorrow to collect it.

Talking about tomorrow, this afternoon the dog sitter came around to collect a key and check some things out.  I am so grateful that I have good friends who can help me out in this way and allow me the day out knowing that the dogs are well looked after and cared for.

I also did some more work on the mystery projects.  Tonight I am serving Ice Creams etc at the local theatre and some hand sewing is a useful project to take when there's some down time. 

So, an early-ish night, a packed bag and a pack up - all is well with my world and ready for adventure tomorrow.  The visitors on Monday? - well - its ready-ish!

By the way - remember block 10 from the Splendid Sampler?  I decided to use a fancy stitch on the machine, didn't like it, took a seam ripper to it and pulled a thread.  I guess that I will just start again!

I should also say that it's National Quilting Day today - how ironic that I haven't done any quilting - I guess that I have the rest of the year to make up for my folly!