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Friday, 11 March 2016

who ate all the sticky toffee pudding?

Today started with a phone call from a friend - "could you possibly take me into Lincoln this afternoon to visit my husband - I have been up all night with my mother at A & E and am just too tired to be safe on the road"  Of course, says I - she is, after all the kind of friend who would do the same for me!  So this morning was spent getting the house straight and just a little sewing - I completed the current Splendid Sampler block so am now up to date and am waiting for the next one on Sunday.

After dropping my friend off at the hospital and arranging a time to pick her up, it was off to my favourite grocery shop - Waitrose.  I really like some of their more unusual products and, if I needed more encouragement, I had a £8 off a £40 spend.  Not only that as a "My Waitrose" card holder I could treat myself to a free coffee and a free paper - not a bad afternoon!  Now before I go on I should explain that Mum and Dad are coming up in just over a week and I am notoriously bad for not having nice puddings in.  So when I saw a Sticky Toffee pudding from Cartmel - the home of sticky toffee pudding - I just had to buy one!

After a few other shops ( we won't mention the fabric acquisition in Dunelm) I picked my friend up and drove home.  Once home I fed the dogs and put the shopping away - leaving the pudding out to photograph for the blog - and that's where the trouble started!  The phone rang, I answered it, the dogs were still eating their tea, mum talked and I was suddenly aware that the dogs weren't in the room anymore.  When I went to investigate the lounge (with the cream carpet don't forget) was a scene of destruction - cardboard, bits of tin foil and patches of sauce everywhere - but no pudding!  I can only sit and wait for the state of the kitchen tomorrow morning!

I could blame Millie for taking it off the side, myself for leaving it there or Mum for calling me at an inopportune time.  But no - I blame the blog!!


  1. Oh my....haven't laughed so much in ages!!! But what a shame :( don't envy you in the morning!

    1. Glad to be of service! Millie is now sleeping with a full belly, Daisy is hyper and, I suspect, feeling a tad uncomfortable!

    2. Tut, tut, tut. What naughty dogs you have! Hope they enjoyed the pudding!!

  2. Oh dear Lynda! Hope that all ends well!! Love your latest Splendid Sampler block! Have a good weekend! Christine x