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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hi everyone - it's Daisy here again!

As a totally intellectual dog I feel that it is my duty to share the blog writing load with mum.  Millie is far too lazy to do her share so I will take charge today.  Last night Mum went out for AGES to the theatre.  She seemed in a good mood when she got home so I presume she enjoyed herself.  She tried to shed some guilt by staying up to play with us but Millie and I were having none of that - we just sat on our bed looking very sorry for ourselves and begging for biscuits - it worked he he!

Now some of you will recall "stickytoffepuddinggate" (Uncle Phil we have never met but I could seriously fall out with you and Penny should watch out - just saying!).  Well I still maintain that this one was down to Millie but what's a girl to do if its on the ground in front of you.  Mind you I was a little sick today and brought up some tin foil so perhaps that's called payback time.

Mum went out again this morning to the pictures to see "A Danish Girl" and, when she got home, showed us some fabric that she has bought to make her Janet Clare Artisan Apron - apparently Sewingbuddy has been getting on to her - grrrrrrr watch out TM!  However mum must have felt really guilty about her absences because this afternoon she cleaned, moved and tidied the Horn sewing Cabinet (I know - the cupboard doesn't have any horns - I don't get it either).  The cabinet is in the conservatory so that someone can look at it tomorrow and now Millie and I can move our bed to be in front of the radiator - what luxury!

This afternoon we went up to the beach but it was really cold so I stayed close to mum.  It was nice to stretch my little legs though and blow away the cobwebs.

Auntie Jenny says that she reads this blog just to find out how I am doing - so hello Auntie Jenny - lots of love and kisses x


  1. What an articulate little pooch you are Daisy :) Just you keep making sure you let everyone know who is the boss around your house :) x

  2. Love it , you write a much better blog then your mum Daisy,
    And can you make sure she gets on with the apron tonight.

  3. What's your mum doing while you are helping her out?
    Not more sewing I hope!!!!xxx