Monday, 14 March 2016

The duckling has earnt her wings

Today has been a strange old day - one of those days when I couldn't really get going.  Being the craft group this afternoon, I knew that I had to put a program together for next term, accompanied with patterns if appropriate, so there was a fair amount of computer work.  I also took the opportunity to make a start on clearing the desk - it's not clear but I can, at least, see it!  Mind you I thought that I had lost Daisy - whilst working on the computer I was suddenly aware that I had not seen either dog for some time.  Millie was fine - curled up on my bed - but there was no sign of Daisy!  Had she escaped? Had she found some hole in the fence that I didn't know was there?  No - she was locked outside in the garden - the breeze had blown the door shut - bless!

After sorting the kitchen out and packing the car, It was then time for the craft group.  We were due to make a chicken thread tidy - but only Carine was brave (or foolish) enough to try it - with everyone else completing their own projects.  Part of the fun is the collective sewing experience with lost of chatter, advice and support.  It has also been nice ( I might have mentioned this before) to see people grow in confidence.  Linda has taken some time to complete this bag, and has one more week to finish it off.  But she has persevered and I love her choice of colours.  I was therefore dumbstruck when she casually dropped into the conversation that she had been watching Create and Craft yesterday - truly this duckling is finding her wings!

On the agenda tonight is a WI trip to the theatre to see "My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne Du Maurier.  It is a play that I have heard of but have no idea of the story - it will be interesting to see the tale unfold.  Mind you I have just come across a new pattern that I would like to make two of in the next fortnight - perhaps I could take my sewing with me ..................

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  1. Ahh poor Daisy! Loving the colour of the bag too!