Thursday, 31 March 2016

A truly splendid day

Today started well - I woke up to see 8:30am on the alarm clock - I guess that's catch up from the night before then.  Although there had clearly been some frost overnight, the day soon developed into a lovely sunny one.  You may recall from yesterday that I needed to change the fuse on the dryer and see if that would solve my problem - well I can report that it didn't!  However I have a drying rack, now set up in the conservatory, and this nice weather soon has the washing dried.  I also have a kind friend who has offered the use of her dryer tonight!  More of that later.

So - what's a girl to do?  Well this one used the lovely weather and good feelings to catch up with her splendid sampler blocks.  I never tire of turning these pile of scraps ( literally so in this case since the strips are from a moda scrap bag) into a worthwhile product.  My blocks even turned out the requisite 6 1/2 inches for once - that's what comes from taking the barrier off the 1/4 inch foot!

This star took a long time due to its fiddly nature, whereas this pale yellow block is now waiting for the embroidery to be added.

So - all the bocks have now been caught up with (apart from one block which needs to be redone and two that need some embroidery).  Oh, wait, what's that ping?  Ah yes - today's block from Janet Clare - someone that is running a workshop that Sewingbuddy and I are go to at the end of April.  I guess I'd better get that one done as well just to be super on target!!  Fortunately it uses a similar technique to one I used in a previous workshop!

So, you ask, what were the dogs doing whilst I was chained to a sewing machine?  Well, having destroyed her bed in the lounge and her bed in the craft room, Daisy moved herself into the conservatory so that she could run in and out of the garden.  Sometimes falling asleep with big sis, sometimes decamping to her favourite spot in the garden.  I think that we can safely say that Daisy feels at home now!

Tonight I am taking my bag of drying around to Wendy's for an evening of sewing.  It's also the start of our Lynette Anderson mystery block of the month and today we begin to tackle The Log Cabin.  I suspect that I will only manage to get the pattern traced but its a start!

Oh - last night - how did the weigh in go I hear you ask?  well, after a week of cakes, sticky toffee pudding and trifle I lost 3 1/2 lbs - you've gotta love this diet!


  1. Wow - that sounds like my sort of diet! (The sticky toffee pudding was nice though)

  2. Wow,must have been burning all the calories off looking after guests all week.
    Blocks, looking good, have a good night at wedys.

  3. Daisy has destroyed 2 beds!!!! Really what a naughty puppy!!!
    Well done on the sewing, its a good feeling to have caught up.xxxx

  4. I am not going any where near the scales when I get home! Sounds like a lovely productive day :)

  5. Beautiful Splendid Sampler blocks Lynda! Have a lovely evening with Wendy! Christine x

    1. Thank you Christine - at least I have nearly caught up!