Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The "JOY" of still being "normal"


Let's start with last night - having mastered the art of climbing onto the sofa, Daisy has now developed another skill - fetching and retrieving a tennis ball - hours of endless fun!  I did, however, manage to get all the 12 days of Christmas embroidered and ready for backing.

This morning started early - another visit to the nurse re my leg.  Thankfully she declared all to be well and then said she didn't need to see me anymore.  However she did have one parting shot - "could I just check your blood pressure?" - seriously does anyone else get stressed having your bp checked?  Last time it was checked my reading was 140 over 75, this time it was 145 / 70 - the bottom number, in particular is really  normal , whilst the top number is starting to climb into the pre high blood pressure count - but is still lower than the 165 over 95 that I regularly saw whilst working!

Next on the agenda was the weekly senior screen visit.  Today's viewing was "Joy" - an uplifting true tale of one woman's struggle to become one of the USA's most successful home shopper distributer after designing a wonder mop.  Afterwards it was a quick visit to Boyes to buy the fabric for the bunting before heading home to the delights of such activities as cleaning out the fridge - oh the joys of my life!

This evening is my weekly patchwork class and I really should have devoted time to sewing the colour blocks.  Instead I am afraid that I spent time decluttering my sewing machine case - I had lost a "foot" inside the bag and it seemed to be a good chance to clear it all out.  Let's just say that I should have chosen the activity before Daisy learnt how to jump up!

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  1. Good news on the BP! Those numbers have always been a mystery to me!