Sunday, 20 March 2016

All the way to Birmingham- and guess what I bought?

We left early at 6:45am ( I woke up at 4:30!!!) and arrived just past 10 - all anxious to bag a bargain!

 I had a list - and a pledge - I was not buying any kits!  One by one the items were quickly ticked off the list.

Fabric for the apron lining

Three hanging kits and some bondaweb

Yellow fabric for my Tuesday evening blocks

Fabric for a block of the month mystery pattern that Wendy and I are completing

Book binding glue so that I can actually complete a kit that I bought nearly two yeas ago!

Cotton thread to explore using my sewing machine to replicate hand sewing.

All were on my list - I was doing good!

Then Wendy surprised me with a lovely gift - this cute kit for a pin cushion (I didn't buy it so I was still technically on target!)

As we wondered around ,we strayed into the cake decorating area and saw wonderful creations such as these:-

and, entering back into the hobbycrafts area, we found this sculptor with the same name as Wendy - spooky!

So - I kept to my pledge and all is well with my world.  I have come home with money in my purse and my secret cash still in its hiding place.  Okay?

Weeeeelllllllllll - there was this one stall FULL of plastic boxes!  I just had to have one with the ability to store cotton threads!!  It's the law!

Shh- Wendy bought two plastic boxes - the contagious disease is spreading!

It's been a lovely day but I am shattered!  Back to normality then!


  1. Sounds like a fab day...and so restrained too!! Love the spool box, how tidy everything will be!

  2. Good to know you are all back safely.xxxx